How Can We Save?

Introduction There are many ways people can get discounts for using coupons to buy goods. A person should use coupons and organize the coupons. Everyone should know the store policy on coupons. A person should have a plan for the stores and should not be fooled by offers stores have. The last thing is to [...]

Frugality At Its Finest

Frugality seems to have a negative connotation in today’s society, and yet we seem to be obsessed with television shows about extreme couponing and people who take being “cheap” to an entirely new level. We are likely to label a frugal person as stingy or parsimonious because we live in a society that values money [...]

$400 Worth Of Groceries For $5!

“I purchased $400 worth of groceries for $5!” I’m sure we’ve all seen cases like this on TLC’s reality tv series phenomena Extreme Couponing, depicting consumers saving huge amounts of money at the checkout line with coupons and other saving techniques. It used to be a negative connotation associated with couponing. Some of these stigmas [...]


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